The Gift of a Retreat...

Healing and Growth in Mind Body & Spirit

A retreat is a place where you pull back from the world and provides peace away from your daily routine. It is a perfect platform to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and let your nerves relax. We have to deal with pressures and responsibilities that can affect our ability to take care of ourselves. When this happens we can experience more stress, feeling empty and lost, and lacking joy and fulfillment in our lives.

We all need to DETOX- everyone needs to unload, clean out and empty our mental desktop detach from our phones and devices. You will leave our retreat feeling lighter, clearer, recharged, refreshed, and more present. A new perspective can guide you to make changes in your life that you know you need to make. Vacations can be great yet retreats are exceptionally better because there are long term benefits and life transforming.

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Our Santorini Soul Journey and Healing

Retreat is PERFECT FOR YOU because:

​• You want to experience real "me time" which leads to making a break through

• You want and need to rejuvenate, replenish, refresh, relax, and reboot

• You want/need to learn new things-therapeutic tools, holistic approaches, self-hypnosis, energy management and healing, and much more

• You want to experience the world through one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Santorini- seeing and learning new things, and being exposed to different wonders

• You want to be able to do things for yourself and no one else- being self focused, investing in yourself, your health and healing

• You need to stop being hard on yourself- which allows time for growth and change that continues to manifest

• You want to be on an adventure in a safe environment, topped off by great accommodations, food and amenities- accompanied by like minded people and making friends that can last you a life time

• You want new scenery: experiencing new things leads to change when you're put in an unfamiliar environment because you are given the opportunity for a new perspective

• You want to become a part of a community you are surrounded by like-minded company, and find a mentor/mentorship

• You will get the download of your higher power/higher self's messages- clearing the clutter in our minds and energy

• You want to be heard and know your value


i deserve this
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You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain

Through our retreat, you have the chance to devote yourself to yourself and your growth, trusting that your needs will be met. Our retreat gives you the opportunity to trust your intuition, your teacher, your guide, and your fellow travelers- seekers. Allow yourself to be free, letting go of the expectations and being immersed in the present escaping into real life fantasy and get inspired. Take what you learn and bring it home by incorporating new practices.

i want to be free

JOin us in greece
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Here are only some of what you will be experiencing at our Santorini Soul Journey and Healing Retreat

Healing and Growth in Mind Body & Spirit

Learn self-healing techniques derived from ancient spiritual and energy practices as well as integrative therapy practices to help manage depression, anxiety, grief/ loss and many other life challenges...

Learn 7 essential spiritual core practices derived from the world's main religions

Bathe, bask and relax in the natural hot springs, volcanic healing waters of the Aegean Sea. Nourish your body with delicious cuisines fresh foods and prepared by our wonderful and delightful chef

• Mindful meditation practices

Self and Group Hypnotherapy

Energy Healing Integrative therapy practices of

Learn ideal food and nutrition practices specifically for you. Journaling (video or written)

Changing your story

• Rewiring your brain

Creating new and healthy patterns

• Fun games/play

Healing circle

• Dream work

Expressive Arts Therapy: Drama, Art, Music

• Cultivating Joy

Laughter yoga and other fun and very beneficial physical exercises!!!!!

i want to learn how to heal

take me to greece
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i want to experience this beauty

santorini is for me
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feel free to contact us with questions or comments!


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