about the deck

Charm Cards©- Family Edition is one of three editions. This is the first edition that we have completed in its entirety.

Many hours were spent in creating the design, not only for the aesthetic image but much focus was placed on the symbolism and therapeutic components to bring unique and meaningful qualities to the decks.

Aside from our own Charm Card’s customized game instructions, which prompt these therapeutic questioning and meaningful answers, there are also an abundance of regular card games that can be played (Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory, War, Slap Jack, 21, Crazy Eights, etc., etc., etc.). All you would need to do is to decide the structure of when a question would be asked and who the question would be directed towards.

The rules of this game include (but not limited to) a focus on respect, support, non-judgement, and appreciation.

The cards have specific meanings for everything-from the color, the images, and the questions. These have been designed in a manner that they can be asked over and over again- at any time with the possibility of many answers.


Yellow: Yellow depicts the psychological energy of fun, lightness, joy, happiness, intellect, and play.

Purple: Purple is a soothing/healing and noble color, associated with spirituality and wisdom.

Multi-colors: The different colored leaves depict the many different facets of our lives, family members, thoughts and emotions.


The tree is symbolic of foundation, strength, stability, protection, Blessings of nature, sturdiness, and growth. The image of the tree is also linked to the concept of “the Tree of Life” and “Family Tree”.

Within the main body of the tree, is an image of two hands- representing “support”, “healing touch”, and giving and receiving. Hands are also associated with the elements of skill, power, action, purpose and spirituality.

The branches are made up of silhouettes of people (in this case- family members) with their arms stretched out, forming the shape of a heart. This is indicative of unification and connection through love…

The back of the box has a list of words representing healthy traits and loving core-values which was strategically created to inform, guide, and inspire as well as serve as reminders for families.

Ideas for use:

· Use for yourself and loved ones

· Implement a weekly family meeting, launched by a Charm Card game

· To give as gifts to families, couples, and singles who are dating

· Donations to non-profit/charitable organizations, churches, and schools, that will benefit their community/members, clients, clinics and students

· Use for work (especially if you are in the helping/healing profession)

Maggie de Vera and the de Vera TECS Team (Dominic, Andrea, and Francis) worked countless and restless hours to get Charm Cards to were it is now. Charm Cards started as a vision 5 years ago and now that everything is in fruition, you, the backer can help make our dream a reality. It is not just a design or product, it's therapy and family bonding, so please consider backing this wonderful project.

Production quality:

We have very high quality card stock: 320 GSM versus the typical 300 or 310 GSM. We’ve also designed and are having manufactured an additional pack jacket as an addition to the regular tuck box that comes with a deck of cards. We have established a close-working relationship with the manufacturer, who is very supportive and active in the success of our humanitarian goals and objectives. The manufacturer has been in the games/card manufacturing business for over 40 years and is invested in providing us with high quality cards.


Maggie de Vera is a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist) Holistic Practitioner Clinical Master Hypnotherapist Certified Life Coach Educator Founder and CEO of a non-profit organization for disadvantaged and high-risk youth and families Sex Therapist Certified Etiquette Consultant Clinical Supervisor and Trainer Speaker Film Producer, soon-to-be published author and now- creator of the Charm Cards.

Dominic Garcia is a recent graduate of San Francisco State University in Graphic Arts. Dominic was able to apply all of Maggie’s vision onto a concrete image. The whole team worked closely to guide and fine-tune every aspect of all of the images.

Andrea Pilapil has a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is passionate about helping others. She is de Vera TECS’s Project Coordinator as well as the Assistant to Maggie de Vera. The team loves Andrea’s fun and motivating energy. She has a great eye which has been a vital part of supporting the creative process.

Francis Garcia is a multi-faceted artist and film-maker. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Film at San Francisco State University. Francis is the Creative Lead for de Vera TECS, as well as the Director of Photography and Film Editor for our upcoming film: Kids Say the Wisest Things. Francis is also a magician and talented in the skill of cardistry which inspired his vision of creating his own deck of cards. With the help of Dominic Garcia (co-designer) and additional supportive members, Francis created his own deck of cards, Sakura Playing Cards a few years ago.

Overall, Maggie, Andrea, Francis and Dominic are passionate and invested in contributing towards a better world. The Charm Cards is a significant platform to spread goodness/positivity, empowerment, bonding, mindfulness, quality time, and healing.